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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

What's with the look?

Salam alaik

It's about a few days since the last post in this blog. It's not that I don't have anything to share but it's a little bit time constrain as I have to rush out to settle a few things, especially about my students. And I really want to share something with you guys about which happens 2 days ago.

Two days ago I went to buy some work books for my students. Firtsly, I went to Marwilis but they don't have enough stocks. So I have to dragged Kak Didi to MPH to find those books. In MPH, I got another problem as the book shelf was so high and I cannot reach the books (actually here is all the story starts). So I have to ask the sales girl to take the books for me. I said I want eight books for form 1 and as looked at me, do you know what shi said......? She said," beli untuk kawan ek?" KAWAN???? How old does she think I am? Ok, cool down, as I said, "Excuse me? Err..tak. It's for my students." With the very "sweet" smile. And she replied, "oowh..ajar tuisyen ke?" Banyak tanya la pula minah nih...."nope, ajar kat sekolah." And her face was like I'm telling her I'm Angelina Jolie's cousins. Tau la saya kecik. And then she ask about Arau and so forth. She juz relies that I'm her Vice President in our College in Arau. Maybe because I didn't wearing spectacles, that's why she didn't recognize me.

Okay, now at the counter. The cashier is a young man which is about my age. The standard question he asked to all his customer, "Ade MPH card?" and I just I don't have one. And He ask again," tak nak buat ke? Kita ada promotion untuk card ni." And you what did he show to me? " Ni, MPH KIDZ card. Start umur dari 1 hari sampi 12 tahun." Hello!!! I'll be 22 this year! Nak tunjuk IC ke? Okay, take a deep breath and said, " takpelah. Tak nak," Eh, boleh guna nama adik." haish, tak habih lagi mamat ni merapu. "Takpela. Tak payah," adik saya dah habis SPM la (cakap dalam hati je).

Actually, this is not the first time in my live people misunderstood about my age. Especially when I go out with my brother or my sister-in-law. Pity on them as usually people will ask them," Ni anak kau yang sulung ke?" or " ni anak akak ke? Cuti sekolah yea sekarang?" I don't know whether I look too young or they look too old from their age.

But whatever people says about me, I know who I am. I'll be 22 this year. This Weekend. Hilal Asyraf is older than me for about a week (16 January 1989). Even though people said that I look younger than my age, but they do agree that when it comes to the way of thinking, I'm much matured than my age, or sometime much advance than people older than me. So, what's wrong with the look?

End bluffing