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Saturday, January 8, 2011

hikmah di sebalik menstruasi

salam to all ikhwah and akhowat.....

Supposedly I should not be here, writing this entry right now as I got something really important to do today. But Allah had planned something better for me. So, here I am, writing this entry while my friends are doing what I'm supposed to do right now. Ok. Why am I here? And what Allah had planned for me today?

 Yesterday I was sending my friend to KL Central as she need to go back with her sister. On the way back, I have to stand as I did not get any seat. And I did hit my back as I leaned my back against the wall. And as I walked to DI from DC I cant' really feel my toes.

Just to make it worst, I reach my menstruation period too. Plus with the stomach cramp, so here I am. Actually the menstruation can say make my back pain become worst. If the scale of pain should be on the scale of 3, then the menstruation will increase the scale to 5.

But, what I want to share with you guys is not really about the pain. But it is more about what I get from the pain. As you know during menstruation, ladies cannot perform solat, fasting and holding the Quran. Many of them were asking what I can do as ibadah during menstruation? That's why, for me, Allah give us the menstruation pain. This is just my opinion and you can take the good side of it and leave the bluffing part. But from my experience, when I ever feel the pain, the common words I'll say is "Allah, sakitnya," or istighfar. On the other words, when we feel the pain we will remember Allah. And there's a Hadith says, "if the woman who are in the menstruation says tasbih to Allah, all her sin will be forgiven." (correct me if I was wrong). So the pain is actually some sign from Allah so that we will always remember Him even if we cannot perform the prayer.

So, don't use your menstruation as an excuse to feel apart from Allah. He gives everything for a reason and just as we need. So, be thankful for being a woman =)


MemaLI said...

so, what about a man ? ... :)

hanya hamba said...

well, a man did not gone through menstruation period but they also can gain rewards by try to understand this condition that will happen to their wife, mother or sisters. and also by helping them to do the house work or at least not to make them feel more stress.

but i think the person who were asking knows the answer better =)

hanya hamba said...

there's a story about a woman asking Rasulullah on what a woman can do to enter the jannah as the man can go for jihad and so forth.

each of use, doesn't matter if we are man or woman has our own responsibility and duty to this religion.

and He also has His own way to show His love to us.