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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

First Day In School: Exciting!!!

Salam alaik to SJ viewers.

Today is my first day in school, not as a student of course. But as a teacher. How should I describe my feeling today? Nervous of course as I have no experience in teaching.But Alhamdulillah everything seems under control. Even thought the form 2 students are a bit naughty but thank God that I still might don't have to yell or use a cane. The key word is everything is still under control. I think I have given them a good impression as a friendly teacher (according to their response) which is what I really want to be. I don't want to take this job as only to get the money but more than that I want to educate them to become somebody who knows their responsibility to ummah. Most of them (or I can say all of them) comes from a good family background such as daughter of region DPP chief and so forth. But that can't ensure them to understand how lucky their are to come from that type of family.There are a few of them who didn't know their father's occupation, which for me is something that is not supposed to be.

Who says being a teacher is easy? I'll agree if you are telling me in terms of teaching but if you are talking about educating, I'll totally disagree with that. For me, the parents who send their children into this type of school does not want the teacher to only teaching their children. But the most important thing for the parents is they want the teacher to educate their children in Islamic environment. And it is my responsibility to fulfill their hope in educating their children.

May Allah helps me to give the best for my students. And as for my students, I'm begin to love you guys. How do you expecting me to feel when suddenly get 20 "children"????? Speechless...........

The keyword is EDUCATING 

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