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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

She Was Taken...

My beloved Kak Didi was officially taken by her prince charming, En. Hafiz last Friday. At last, she had found her Mr right (^_^) 

So last week I had a long journey from Tapah Road to Kuala Terengganu on Thursday, and back to Shah Alam on Saturday. luckily my big bro (Hafiz Ghani) with his wife Kak Idah fetch me in Tapah Road and Kak Mun in Jengka, and willingly become our driver and tour guide. So, big bro, we owed you big. 

My Kakak looks so beautiful in her gold wedding dress, but she looks different. Is planning the wedding make her lost so much weight? Haish...haish. ...

I feel very happy for her wedding. But one thing that troubled me is her tears when we about to leave. What's with the tears kakak? Though you are married that doesn't mean that we're being apart right? I hope that should be the last time I see your tears. And to En. Hafizuddin, please don't let the tears fall again, okay? 

The best photo I have
Beautiful, isn't she?

P/s :
Lepas ni manja dengan Kak Hasl je lah...

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