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Monday, April 25, 2011

Allahu yasyfik teacher...

writing do give me some relieve. Though the things I've wrote were only dumped in the draft box, but at least I've shouted out the things that I can't share with others. Kak Di said if we try to write happily, using a happy words with the happy emotion, than your mood will turn to be better. I don't know. I don't have that skill. I just can write in indifferent feeling, which for me is better than being emotional.

But just to share something which warm my heart a bit yesterday, when a few of my students pray for my health. I have to absent from Qiamullail in school as I got such a terrible headache, which I can say confidently as the result of my horrible sleeping habit a.k.a insomnia. Well, you can just refer to the time of this entry being post. At this time I don't feel like sleeping even though I do yawning several times.

But "Allahu yasyfik, teacher" written by Hazim do make me smile in pain. I heard his going to live Malaysia soon, to fly to Egypt. I'm going to miss that boy. Same as I miss Nazrul and Fareez when they performing umrah for two weeks. Now I know why Sir Thanes was very glad when I visited him few years ago. They have touched my heart, the things that not many people can do.

Enough for today. Want to do other things. Maybe sharing time with the Most Listening.....

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hanya hamba said...

i got it wrong:
hazim is going to LEAVE Malaysia,
not LIVE