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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Silk of Jihad

4 years ago
When all this journey starts
When my first step reach the land of Indera Kayangan
Which than change to Darul Sunnah
I know something awaits for me
And my life is not going to be the same
As I have begin a journey life
A battle to succed
All that I didnt' realise is that
I will find you

12 hearts were tied
In a holly spirit of ukhwah
With a diffferent background and past
but with the same vision
To find his bless
We unite as sisters
Sharing the love without questioning
What will we get from this relation
The love we share
Sometimes difficult to be understand
By others who never be in this love

I miss you guys
with all my heart
Even now we were apart by space and time
All I know is
Our heart will never be apart
As long as we share the love from Allah and Rasulullah
And my dream is
For us to gather again
To share laugh and tears
Even I'm far from you
But for us to stay in the same path of Sabilillah
Is my biggest hope
If it was destined that
We cannot meet again in this world
To meet in Jannah is all I'm praying

Thank you for being my sisters

My dearest sisters of Harirul Jihadah
(The Silk of Jihad)

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merah_humaira said...

Teruskan menulis yang baik-baik. Moga Allah berkati kita semua. Amin..