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Wednesday, October 26, 2011


Tomorrow will the convocation day for Applied Science Faculty. What am I thinking today? Don't know how to describe it. I just got message about GL status few days ago. Some time the thought just cross my mind, as if I'm continuing with Polymer Technology, I should have my convocation ceremony tomorrow with others. I still remember when preparing for the convocation for my diploma few years back. And now, to see most of my housemate are preparing for their convocation, trying their robe and mortar board, holding flowers, yada yada yada....it just makes me smile in pain. 

Regret? Nope! seriously no. Because I've found something more valuable than the degree scroll. Something that gives me more satisfaction than walking less than 2 minutes on the stage to take the scroll. 

It's not that I will not continue with my study, as if bachelor degree is no longer exist in my list-to-do. But it just that it is not the most important thing anymore. But I will, insyaallah, if Allah will to get it someday somehow. Because I have promised to some one who really wants to see me holding the scroll wearing the robe and the mortar board on my head. And also, Kak Didi had promised to give me a chipmunk teddy bear during my convocation (^_^)

Not to forget
to all my friends, sahabat sahabiah who are having their convocation.
 to the real world of life. 


MemaLI said...

ur day will coming soon (^_^)

hanya hamba said...

I take that as a challenge!!!!

Nurdyana said...

kakak jugak yang kena bagi dia chipmunk. hoccay, I promised to get you that cutie but make sure you graduate with flying colours. chaiyo' sister dear! :)

hanya hamba said...

mestilah kakak (^_^)
you've promised me rite.....
tp bilakah tu agaknya???