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Thursday, May 23, 2013

hero Malaya

Alhamdulillah arrived home safely. Though kind have a bad feeling earlier but nothing happen alhamdulillah. Its been such a busy day for the whole week. Stressful. But its like crossing such a big deep river. With the heavy flowing water.and maybe dangerous but once you pass through it will be such a relief.

Just to mention, my bike broke down last two days. It stop suddenly near seksyen 18 round bout and k. Hasl need to push it back home. Luckily yesterday, two malayan hero came to the rescue. My junior Taqiyuddin with his friend lutfi took the bike to the nearest workshop. Seriously I'm not really confident to go to unfamiliar mechanic alone. Thanks to them that everything went smoothly.

I guess that's all for tonight. It hard to blog using phone but I feel like want to write something tonight.

Lastly, selamat malam dunia ;-)
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