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seorang manusia biasa, yang berusaha membuat sesuatu yang laur biasa. seorang pelari yang sedang berlari di sebuah trek kehidupan. aku mungkin tidak mampu menjulang senjata, menyumbang emas permata. namun yang ku tahu aku ingin mati sebagai pejuang agama, dalam tekad untuk memburu redhaNya

Wednesday, November 21, 2012


The reason of my headache for the past few weeks had been found. The "old fan" had come back. And for sure he really miss me. For the way he acted on Monday. And the pain still suffering me. And I'm really weak to face it. Thank God I still have people in school who always with me. Along, Angah, Farah and Kak Yati who always be with me. And for sure I still have Allah, that never leave me alone. Who always send His servant to help me exactly when I need.

Couldn't bear the pain. But need to fight it. Last night, because of the pain, I recite this du'a again, and really hope Allah will grant it.

"Ya Allah, if death is good for me, then take me back to You in Khusnul Khatimah. But if live is good for me, then give me some strength to face this trial..."

only a creation created by the almighty creator

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