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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

My sister

Just talk with my sister. I really hope I can be with her right now. But all she need now is not me. All she need now is Allah and her husband. Actually, her husband was away for a course that he need to attend in order to rise his position in his career. But, pity to Una as she's a 7 month-expecting mother, who, for every people in her situation, the most important is the presence of a husband.

Since her baby is already 7 months old, he (estimated to be 'he') already recognize the voice and touch of his parents. What touch my heart is that when my sister told me that the baby is missing his papa. I tried to console her but can't find words to say. I told her not to cry but my tears fall too. I wish I can huge her but.....

All I can do is pray to Allah to protect them all and give them some strength to face this trial. But seriously, I can't imagine to put myself in her situation if it ever happen to me.

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