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Friday, January 27, 2012

Moving On

Every body in my has move on. Kak Mun already moved on to Jengka. Next, Kak Didi will leaving Shah Alam soon, starting her new life there. Then, it will be only me and Kak Has left. And only now I realize that I was surrounded by 'old' people =)

And Kak Nur is the first person who left me at the end of 2011.

As I said, every body had moved on. Not just literally. Not just moving on to another place. But moving to another phase of life. From student and now to be into the community. And soon moving on from single to be....well you know (~_~")

But that's how it is. That's how life is. Moving on through and through until we're moving to next world. And to the final pit stop.

And to Kak Has, I'm wondering. Since it's only the two of us that left here. Who will leaving whom?

My heart is like a big house
It was full with many rooms
To be occupy by as many person 
When a person already get the key
The room will be his / hers permanently 
No body can replace the owner of the room
It depends on the owner to decorate and take care of the room
Even if the new comer come
The room will his / hers forever
No body can replace 

only a creation created by the almighty creator


MemaLI said...

didi nak kawin?....bagus2,,,tahniah3...barakallahulakuma wa fi amanillah

hanya hamba said...

semua orang nak kahwin akh
tp kak didi moving on ke terengganu la
moving status belum lagi

habis la aku kena dengan kak didi nanti

hasl said...

i can't answer ur q sis.. only Allah knows..