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Sunday, March 6, 2011

cikgu Bedah in reality?????

It’s March. And without realised I’m entering the third month in my life as a teacher. I’m starting to feel the heat. You know? It’s very hard to be nice. Have you ever face the situation when there are someone new in your place, being nice to you and accepted by others, doing her job the best she can, being the favourite among others in a very short time, the things that you didn’t get before, so you feel uneasy to her? You are questioning why everybody liked her, being nice to her, as everything she do is perfect?
If yes, why do you feel like that? Is it just because she’s new it means that she don’t deserve to become the favourite? Or is it because you feel she’s going to take your position or others trust from you? Is it fair to treat her like a criminal (as you want to know everything she does, where she goes) just because her method can be accepted? Blurr right? (apa la yang budak sorang ni merepek?)
Have you ever watch movie entitled “Adik Manja” (Noor Kumalasari and Dharma Harun ar-Rashid, director was Othman Hafsham ). In that movie, there was a character named Cikgu Bedah ( Adibah Amin). Cikgu bedah didn’t like Cikgu Azmi (Dharma) as Cikgu Azmi was the first male staff in the institute (Institute Sri Ilmu). At the same time Cikgu Bedah also didn’t like Cikgu Sharina , (Noor Kumalasari), just because Cikgu sharina was appointed as the future principal.
Ok, what I want to highlight here is that, why must Cikgu Bedah envy Cik Sharina and Encik Azmi just because Cik Sharina was appointed as the future principal and Encik Azmi became favourites among the students? For me, if you ever feel that way, try to be like the person you envy with or come up with something better. Drawn with your jealousy will bring you nowhere. In fact, it will only harm you and make the students hate you even worse.  
The question is how to deal with this Cikgu Bedah in our real life? Together with all Cikgu Devi, Cikgu Rose and the gang, what can you do? How you should act? Ignore them or what? Face it or leave it?
For me, I’ll just do my work, but if the things get worse, maybe I have to face them (but most of the time this kind of Cikgu Bedah are come from species of “I’m always right”).
So, let Allah be the judge. All we can do is just try to perform in our duty, give the best to the people involved and be as sincere (read ikhlas) as possible.
That’s all my sharing for today. Hasn’t writing for a while as I always reach home at 12.00 a.m and above.
May Allah bless.......
 Didn’t mark the test paper yet. Now I understand why the lecturers are very stressful to mark the papers. 

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