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Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Those people

Dear Faza,

We don't know how much time left for us in this world. Wether we still can see the sunrise tomorrow or the previous sunset is the last. We didn't know which deed is the most sincere, that will save us in the hereafter.

Faza, tiredness is just a mountain that we need to climb. Pain is just a bitter medicine that we need to swallow. Once it was overcome, there's no worries anymore.

Now, keep focus in giving. Entertain people who wants to listen. But keep praying for the ignorance.


Whenever tiredness strikes you, remember about those people who will wait for the syafaat of the martyr. Remember about the hope of a mujahid who wants to meet his angle. Remember that this is the only path to be in jannah.

Dear Faza,

You have walked this far. At this moment, there's no meaning of giving up. Maybe you cannot run. But never stop walking. They are waiting for you...

only a creation created by the almighty creator

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